Little Britain Meat Packers is a processor of Premium Quality Beef – Chicken – Lamb – Goat – Veal. 100% Halal products also available. We provide the highest quality local products at unbeatable prices. We are fully devoted in providing you safe and wholesome products.

We adhere to strictest government and industry guidelines and regulations for food safety. Little Britain Meat Packers has more than half a century experience in the industry.

You will find our high quality fresh products in grocery stores, butcher shops, restaurants, wholesalers and on the dinner table. We specialize in providing optimal service to all our customers all the time.

We are fully devoted in providing you safe and wholesome products


Premium Quality Beef - Chicken - Lamb - Goat - Veal


Our licensed processing plant, located in Little Britain, Ontario has qualified employees that can process a high volume of products on a weekly basis. Our plant is provincially inspected and fully certified. Food safety and sanitation of our plant is our top priority. Our products are produced without additives or preservatives. We are able to provide our customers with fresh great tasting nutritious products all the time.


Little Britain Meat Packers is committed in providing the best quality products in the industry at the most reasonable price. We are focused on meeting the nutritional and culinary needs of our customers. We are also flexible and innovative to satisfy all our customer needs.


Little Britain Meat Packers have refrigerated trucks and deliver in the GTA and soon to expand. This allows us to provide you personalized service to your front door. We guarantee accurate, reliable on-time deliveries.